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1880's Style Bat - Model 002


Model 002

Hand made by Bill Rayburn of Kentucky, this incredible bat is turned from professional quality northern ash which is then impeccably finished by hand. Finely crafted, yet minimally styled with a black end cap, the Model 002 represents the workhorse model that would be present in every team's supply.

At 34.5 inches, the Model 002 is an inch shorter than the Model 000 and the Model 001. While it is shorter, it is no less a bruiser. With a thicker handle, it keeps the weight at a respectable 38 ounces. Turned with near-straight taper from the handle to the barrel, the Model 002 features a 2.43 inch diameter barrel, while the handle bottoms out at around 1.30 inches at it's thinnest point.

While these bats are finely crafted and present beautifully on display, they are just as comfortable on the ball field. Each bat in the collection is designed for use by anyone, from the pluckiest novice to the most dedicated vintage ballist.

Cord wrapped handle is now available in the options menu.

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