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Double Knob Bat - Model No. 4


The Double Knob bat is an exact re-creation of the original bat popularized by champion batsman, Napoleon Lajoie. Our version features the tapered dual knob ends of the first production model, which has a superior hand feel to the subsequent models - an important detail considering the split grip was the primary feature. Because the hands grip the bat in an open fashion, the batter has greater control when placing the ball to all fields.

The Double Knob bat measures in at a length of 34.5 inches with a weight of around 35 ounces. Each handle is turned to a diameter of 1.38 inches. Both knobs flare comfortably to secure each hand in the correct position. The barrel end is slightly domed while the handle is straight cut. All markings are burned into the surface.

Crafted from kiln dried Northern White Ash, the Double Knob bat is turned to perfection then stained and hand polished to a furniture-like finish. With continued use, the bat will develop a unique character that only an oil finish can produce. To keep your bat in top shape, a light rub with Danish Oil or a coat of quality wax is all that is needed.

Due to natural variations in grain, average weights are approximate, and may vary with humidity levels.

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