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Swatter Bat - Model No. 6


At the tail end of an era where the ability to place the ball was still a highly regarded skill, a novel idea emerges - a bat that is equally adept at locating via swing or bunt. Known as a choke grip or bunting bat, the thinnest part of the Swatter's grip is high on the handle, allowing the batter to quickly transition from a closed choke grip, to an open handed bunting grip, or anywhere in between. This allowed the batter to swat at the ball with many situational options while maintaining the element of surprise. Fortunately for us, the form is equally as beautiful as its function.

The Swatter bat measures in at a length of 35.25 inches with a weight of around 34 ounces. The thinnest part of the handle is turned to a diameter of 1.25 inches. The knob tapers elegantly into the handle before transitioning into the barrel. Both the knob and barrel end are rounded. All markings are burned into the surface.

Crafted from kiln dried Northern White Ash, the Swatter bat is turned to perfection then stained and hand polished to a furniture-like finish. With continued use, the bat will develop a unique character that only an oil finish can produce. To keep your bat in top shape, a light rub with Danish Oil or a coat of quality wax is all that is needed.

Due to natural variations in grain, average weights are approximate, and may vary with humidity levels.

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