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No Pepper


Act fast and keep your eye on the ball. With jammed fingers, bean balls, and destroyed turf, it's no wonder that nearly every ballpark has displayed this sign at one time or another. Seems to have worked too. Despite being one of the most entertaining pre-game drills, Pepper has been all but forgotten. Great conversation piece for the old time baseball fan. Who doesn't like to explain what Pepper is all about? Or, equally appropriate for the lawn or kitchen obsessed fan in your life. Much nicer than KEEP OFF THE GRASS.

Available in three classic ballpark colors, each hand-pulled silkscreen print is laid onto a hand painted background giving the image the depth and character of a time worn sign.

Open edition. Each 11x14 print is signed and titled by the artist. Prints are sold unframed.

*Looking to have your order shipped outside of the US? Do not despair. International shipping orders are welcome. Please inquire for a custom shipping quote to your region.