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1890's Fingerless Catcher's Glove

$249.95 - On Sale

Designed as the throwing hand companion glove for the Tipped Finger Glove, this style is also appropriate for use on the catching hand at other positions. It was not uncommon for a second baseman to wear a glove similar to that of the catcher, a fact which seems outrageous by modern standards.

Crafted of buckskin and horsehide, the offered glove is awash in Victorian detail. Machine stitches beautifully frame the padding and fingers, while hand stitched detailing finishes the seams.

The standard offering fits a medium to large adult hand. Brass snap closure. Please specify which hand the glove is to be worn on.

Currently offered in Cream Buckskin with Mahogany Horsehide lining.

Each glove is packaged in a custom, hand labeled box which is signed by the maker.

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