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1880's Fingerless Fielder's Glove


This fingerless fielder’s glove represents what was likely to be among the first style of gloves manufactured in a factory setting expressly for the purpose of base ball. By the 1880’s, sporting goods manufacturers were establishing themselves as a viable business within the game. By way of marketing efforts and rule changes, the use of hand protection was becoming commonplace at the more physical positions. Made of buckskin and wool felt, these gloves are well padded across the palm and the base of the thumb. Break lines in the padding follow the natural fold lines of the hand to increase comfort and allow the user to emulate a bare handed catch with less fear of injury.

Each glove is painstakingly recreated down to original stitch patterns, a time consuming process, but, absolutely necessary to capture the original fit and finish. The end result is a very strong construction with a pleasing hand made appearance. A great pair of gloves for the two handed game.

The standard offering fits a medium to large adult hand.
Brass button closure on the wrist strap.

Currently offered in Cream buckskin with Black piping.

Each glove or pair is packaged in a custom, hand labeled box which is signed by the maker.

**International shipping orders are welcome. Please inquire for a custom shipping quote.


  • Worn on the left hand - 50% in stock
  • Worn on the right hand - 0% in stock
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