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1880's Fingerless Catcher's Glove


Created for catchers and infielders, the fingerless gloves shown above offered the most protection that was available during the fingerless era. Crafted of horsehide and padded generously with wool felt, they were capable of softening even the hardest of throws. As the style of pitching changed to allow unregulated overhand pitching, hand protection became a necessary piece of equipment, especially for the man behind the plate. As much as the padding aided in catching, the short fingers allowed the wearer to get maximum grip on the ball when throwing. These gloves were designed to be worn individually or in pairs.

Crafted entirely of genuine horsehide, with a brass snap closure, these are simply the finest fingerless gloves available.

The standard offering fits a medium adult hand.

When ordering individually, please specify which hand the glove is to be worn on.

Currently offered in Tan Horsehide with Dark Brown Horsehide lining.

Each glove or pair is packaged in a custom, hand labeled box which is signed by the maker.

Due to the availability of Horsehide, quantities are extremely limited.

**International shipping orders are welcome. Please inquire for a custom shipping quote.


  • Worn on the Left Hand - 50% in stock
  • Worn on the Right Hand - 100% in stock