• Image of Operation Sandlot - Veg Tan Baseball
  • Image of Operation Sandlot - Veg Tan Baseball
  • Image of Operation Sandlot - Veg Tan Baseball

Created in partnership with our friend, Jay (@picklethebeast417) with an added benefit of supporting the Sam Fuld T1D Sports Camp for kids. Jay believes that baseball gloves can change the world, and who are we to argue, except to add that baseball gloves shine brightest when used to catch baseballs.

Operation Sandlot is Jay's idea. A simple, beautiful idea. Through acts of kindness, his mission is to get baseball gloves into the hands of those who need them, so they can get onto the field and play the game we all love.

Along with Jay, we also have a mutual interest in supporting the Sam Fuld T1D Sports Camp. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition which requires constant monitoring of blood sugars. Those affected are constantly monitoring, adjusting, and injecting themselves because their body does not produce its own insulin. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes.

Despite his diagnosis at age 10, Sam did not alter his desire to become a star athlete in high school, at Stanford, and then 8 years in Major League Baseball. Through his camp, Sam has worked to encourage kids to challenge themselves and the limits of their diagnosis through the positive effects of hard work and a healthy, active lifestyle.

A portion of the proceeds from each ball sold will directly benefit Sam's T1D camp.

Each Operation Sandlot baseball is hand made by us in our shop in Massachusetts. It is covered in Hermann Oak vegetable tanned tooling leather and hand sewn with Navy and Red thread and embossed with the Operation Sandlot diamond mark, and Jay's #staygrassy hashtag. We encourage everyone to use our baseballs, even if just for catch. The patina of use on the veg tanned leather is amazing.

Each ball is wrapped in acid free tissue and green foil, and housed in our hand signed letterpress box.

Want your ball sewn in different colors? Just ask. We stock many different thread colors and can accommodate just about any request.

Custom name and monogram option is now available in the drop down menu. Similar to thread color requests, please add the name or initials to the notes field at checkout.