• Image of Folding Baseball Leather Card Wallet
  • Image of Folding Baseball Leather Card Wallet
  • Image of Folding Baseball Leather Card Wallet

The fold-able, four (or more) card wallet in our classic baseball leather line. Hand made in our shop in Massachusetts.

For those who only carry cards (or mostly cards and emergency cash). The Folding Card Wallet features a white baseball leather exterior, Hermann Oak vegetable tanned interior, and hand sewn using baseball thread. Both leathers will age to perfection. You can expect the white leather to pick up some subtle indigo transfer from your denim. With time, the veg tan interior will darken slightly while forming a glove-like hold on your cards. All finished edges are burnished smooth by hand.

The layers of leather are hand sewn with Maine Thread using a saddle stitch style that is long lasting, hard wearing, and repairable. To give it an extra strong hold, the threads are laid down in a groove so they sit flush with the leather surface, preventing wear-through. If you manage to bust a thread, we'll repair it for free, for life. Is this the last wallet you'll ever need? Quite possibly.

We believe in the power of humanity. That's why we're giving you a fighting chance if you ever lose your wallet. The standard stamp set includes the "if found, please contact" stamp (along with our HBBC interlock logo). Let that good samaritan find you. If you'd prefer, you can order your wallet blank, with initials, or your custom logo*. Just select the appropriate box in the drop down menu.

Please choose between white thread or red thread.

If you are ordering custom initials, or a stamp delete, please add your directions in the note field at checkout.

All wallets are custom made, by hand, to your order. If you have any questions, please contact us.

*We'll make an ink stamp using your vector art (.eps or .ai files are a must). Please email your artwork file separately. You must own the artwork that you are sending. We can not use trademarks outside of their authorized use.