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Navy HBBC hat


Our newest version of our same-as-it-was short brimmed cap. America's game in America's colors. Ain't she a beaut!

Created in partnership with Stockbridge Sewing Works (original hat maker for Cooperstown Ball Cap). A match made in heaven.

Fitted, 100% wool with a soft leather sweatband. Also available in Grey/Crimson and Black/White.

Rub some dirt on it and walk it off.

Because these are 100% wool, soft crown caps, break-in is incredibly simple. For the fastest and truest fit, simply run your cap under warm (not hot!) tap water. Do not use detergent. Remove most of the water (90% or so) with a towel and shape the cap and the brim on your head. While wet, the brim will feel very soft and floppy, don't worry, it will firm up once it is dry. The longer you allow the cap to dry on your head, the better your results will be. After drying you can stretch the wool or shape and soften your brim as you see fit. You are now ready to take on the world.

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