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League Ball 1870's - 1880's


The early standard for the first professional leagues, the figure eight style base ball was a true innovation. Its shape allowed a better grip on the ball and a thrown or batted ball would travel in a more balanced trajectory. It was also the first base ball style to be manufactured in a factory dedicated to the production of base balls.

The base ball shown on this page is a thoroughly researched re-creation of an original 1870’s era league ball, executed in exacting detail. Single stitched, using the finest thread in the proper weight, this base ball contains exactly 170 individual stitches per panel. Each ball is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and labeled by hand using the same techniques that would have been applied to the original.

Each ball is wrapped in tissue and foil and is presented in a custom, hand labeled box which is personally signed by the maker.

Choose from Pure White or Vintage Cream leather.

Stitch color is Teal.

Please note that all base balls are made to order.

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